A Journey of Faith and Calling

My journey to ministry.

About me…

Spike and I

My dog, Spike, and I live in Northern California.  Spike is a standard schnauzer, and I am just a guy finding my way in God’s maze.  Livvie (see “In Memorium” page) lived with us until a couple of years ago. After 19 years of living with me, sadly, she passed into God’s meadow in heaven in 2007.

Last pic of all three of us together.

Last pic of all three of us together.

I’m currently working on a BS/MS in Clinical Pastoral Counseling, and also looking for a church with an empty pulpit and a congregation hungry for change, knowledge and truth.  Someone asked me what I saw as my function in my role as a minister.  My reply?  Not to tell someone what to  believe, but rather guide them in their search for whatever understanding God sees fit to bestow on them.  A person’s relationship with God is very personal and should not be dictated by another person.  Instead clergy should seek to aid a person in their quest for knowledge and clarification.  Clergy should also be there to mediate, comfort and support.  I’m sure I’ll add to this as time goes on, but right now that is a simplistic view of the vast job description the position of “minister/pastor/etc” has for me.

My blog is therefore dedicated to exploring my faith and tracking my journey to a pulpit and making a difference in the world.  At times, to some, this blog may seem “light,” at other times “heavy.”  But to each of us is given an understanding of God the way God means to be understood by each of us, right then, right there, for that person and that person alone.


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